Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zone Conference

This week was a good one. I cannot explain to you how much the Lord is pushing me. Sometimes I feel like I´m going to explode. This area is making me go farther than I´ve gone before and have to have a lot more faith and trust more in the Lord. However, we´re doing it. We´re making things happen here.
This week we had a super special meeting with President and Sister Souza. Back in Fortaleza, everyone had two conferences. One last week and one this week. The first being a zone conferece, the other a mission wide Christmas conference. However, do to high travel costs between Juazeiro and Fortaleza, we had both of our conferences together, like on the same day. We showed up at 8 in the morning and didn´t leave until after 8 at night. IT was awesome! I felt like I was at the MTC again. Just a nice, big spiritual feast (and a real food feast that wasn´t bad either...
Anyway, I´m excited for Christmas. Things are going great here. We´re doing everthing we can to creat a stake here in a very catholic area (seriously, try looking up ´´Mount Horto/Padre Cicero´´ on google. We ran there today from our house. It was an awesome 2 hour adventure.) . Like I said before, it´s pushing me to my limit, but it´s making me grow a lot too. I ´m learning that just about anything is possible when we work with all our souls and trust in the Lord. Love has got to be our motive and we have to be completely altruistic.
Love you guys. Can´t wait to talk to you on Chritmas EVE!
Elder Hodson

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