Monday, September 12, 2011

Letter #7

Family!!! How are you? It's so good to hear about home. I wish I was there to get better at golf. I'm actually starting to enjoy it. Tell Dad to win the whole thing.
  Thank you for writing me and supporting me. And all my friends that are writing me too. I really, really appreciate it. I kow so many good people. i'm very lucky. Oh I love hearing Elder Drennan and Elder Whites e-mails. Let me know if they got my letters. I sent one to Elder Drennan the week i got here and once I got Elder Whites address I sent him one too. That was probably a month or so ago.
Anyway, things here are great. I'm learning and loving every moment. I'm getting very excited to enter the field (where ever that may be). The excitement is just building up in me. I don't want to wait two more weeks! So I'm going to take advantage of every moment I have here to prepare for the field.
So here's something pretty cool that happened this week. it's not super big or anything. In my district we watched a talk that Elder Bednar gave at the MTC a few years ago. It was about the 20 mark note experience he had. You've probably heard of it. I'll tell it briefly. When Elder Bednar was a missionary in Germany he had the chance to escort President Packer, who was then the junior member of the Quorum of the 12, out of the mission. he could not get him a flight but got him and his wife on a train at midnight. Just as the train was about to take off, Elder Bednar handed President Packer 20 marks. Now, years later when president Packer brought that up to Elder Bednar, Elder Bednar did not ever remember giving him the money. He did not know why he would have even done it.
Anyway, President Packers train passed from Western Germany into Eastern Germany (it was controlled by Communist Russia at the time). They were not going to accept tge passport of Elder Packer's wife. Elder Packer didn't know what to do. He pulled the 20 mark note out of his pocket, gave it to the guard and they let them go through. only after he got off did he learn the severity of the predicament he had been in. The government had been taking people off the train and keeping them in Germany. It was a miracle that they made it through.
Now, Elder Bednar taught about inspiration from the Spirit. He said that often times this is how the Spirit works. It will guide our steps without us evening realizing it. We will be in the right place at the right time and if we do the best to follow our own judgment things will work out. he gave them the money because he thought they might get hungry on the train and not have any german money. the Lord was watching out for his servant.
So, now to me. I had to go to some building meeting with my companion, Elder McNeil. My Branch Presidency had told me it was in B-132, which does not exist. We looked for it for 10 min and then I decided to pray (I should've done that a lot earlier). I felt like we should check down a certain hallway for the room ( i was still searching for B-132). We went down and there were no doors so I figured I was just dumb and didn't know what i was thinking.
But, then we say President Brown walking down the hall toward us. he's the MTC President. Some elders in front of us introduced themselves ans since he thought we were with them he shook our hands too. Then I just asked him if he could help me find the room. He kinda chuckled and said he didn't think they had a B-132 but he helped us find the room where they were having the meeting. 
I thought it was sweet because not only did we get to make it to the meeting but we also got to hang out with the MTC President for a couple min. He's a great man. I love him a lot. I can tell he loves the missionaries too because he took time out of his schedule, on a hurt knee, to take a quest to find an imaginary room with two normal elders. How cool is he?
Anyway, i love you so much. The Church is true. the gospel of Jesus Christ is what brings happiness. Be good. Do work.
Elder Spencer Hodson

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