Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meeting Elder Bednar

Hey family,

Just got back from talking with Elder Bednar. He´s awesome. That´s 4 of the 12 that I´ve seen while I´ve been on my mission. I´m trying to meet the whole group. Anyway, he gave some super cool advice on how to learn about the Atonement. Read the BoM in 6 months as many times as you can and afterwards right a 1 page paper on what you learned about the Atonement. Legit.

And with packages, I did get the photos and the package. I hear that I´ve got another in the office so it should get here tomorrow. Thank you! The candy was super good! It´s almost all gone though... If you could send me candy every day I would love it.

So, here´s some cool stuff I learned about Brazil. 1) You can kill here and not even get in trouble. It´s kinda dumb. But there´s a dude here who´s friend killed, well a lot of people, and he just got isolated to one city. So with this please read Alma 19:22-23 and pray for me haha. Nah, the best part is I´m not even worried a bit. Being a missionary brings a lot of courage. I see some pretty bad stuff but we´re never touched. Our entire building was robbed the other day, except for us.

2) People here are crazy for not joining the church. The other churches here straight up rob people. The put people at the doors and take all of their money when they leave- like out of their pockets and bags. Our church doesn´t do that and it´s true. It seems like an easy choice to me.

Anyway, life is terrific. We´re starting to have a lot of success. It makes the mission fun.

But, that´s about all I got for ya this week. Everything is good.

Anyway, love you all. Be good. Read the Book of Mormon as many times as you can in the next 6 months. Elder Bednar also, whenever he has any question, gets a new copy of the BoM and reads it for 6 months and afterwards writes a one page summary on the answer. Oh, and he kinda reminds me of Dad. Like for real. I felt like I was at home for family night. It was nice.

Elder Hodson

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