Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This Is My Life Now!


Hello from the front lines! How are all of you? From the e-mails it sounds like things are going great. We just had stake conference too. They reorganized the stake here and everything. Two seventies came and my mission president and everything, it was absolutely fantastic. Our investigators loved it. One of them called it ´linda´ or beautiful. I wish I could´ve heard Dad speak though.

This week was weird. Like, it was super cool at first. I don´t think you would believe how much I´ve learned this week. The scriptures really are amazing. Sometimes I feel like some monk who knows about this like higher spiritual path in life. It´s sweet. The best part is that it´s real and it´s all true. I´ve gained such a testimony of the truthfulness and reality of this gospel. So, I´ve learned a ton this week, Cool part. And, we taught a ton of people too. Our teaching is getting to be really powerful. The Spirit is super strong. Another cool part. So this whole week I´ve felt on top of the world like everything is finally going perfect, everything that I ever wanted out of a mission. I had plans to literally baptize 25 people next week.

And then guess what happened? No one came to church. We had two investigators and a few less actives but our families didn´t come. I was so stoked. But, when we passed by to pick everyone up, they all came up with excuses like- ´well I said I was Catholic`, ´I´m tired´, or ´we´ve got visitors´. Just really lame excuses. We made it pretty plain why they needed to come but they all still stayed home. That was a humbler. I still don´t quite understand it.

Anyway, love you all. Do what´s right. It brings joy. IF it didn´t there would be no point to it. But I have you. You make me happy. Families really are what it´s all about. I can´t wait to be with you again. Until be good. Read your scriptures and pray. Serve people. Do everything you can to come to know God. And prepare for your mission know. It really does pay off.

Until next week,

Elder Hodson

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