Monday, August 1, 2011

Spencer's First Letter Home

Hola! Tudo bem? I love the MTC! It is fantastic. I already feel like I have learned so much and come to know our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so much better in my short half week here. We work ALL the time. Usually when I wake up at 6:30 in the morning I do not want to get out of bed. It helps that I'm on the top bunk because the adrenaline rush from leaping off helps wake me up.
So, I'm part of a new teaching program where our professor talks to us in Portuguese. I think he's probably only spoken English for like 5 min total over the past week. It has helped a lot though because it forces us to try to understand the language. We also have already taught two lessions to Maria. In only Portuguese! She doesn't speak any English. It's challenging but I've learned that even though I can't speak Portuguese, I can speak by the Spirit. Thomas S. Monson said something along the lines of - there is one language common to all men; the language of the Spirit. It talks to their hearts so that they understand. It's funny, we had a workshop the second day we got here where all the new missionaries teamed up to teach investigators. A lot of people wanted to talk and tell them what they believed about the church and why the gospel was true. It didn't have much of an effect though. All of the talking didn't amount to much. Finally, we started to listen to the spirit and try to understand the needs of the investigator. We spoke the simple truth and that is what the investigators wanted.
Oh Elder Morrey is my zone leader! It's great to have him here. He's been out for just over a month and I think this is his first week as zone leader. He's doing a great job and has an awesome companion. We took pictures with Elder Enoch Davis durng our Temple walk yesterday. I'll send pictures eventually. My companion is Elder McNeal. He is a good person. He's very clean and has a solid understanding of the gospel. I'm helping him get excitied about learning Portuguese. We are praying for help from our Father in Heaven as we work dilligentely to learn the language. He is from Portland, Oregon area and went to BYU-I. Fun fact - someday he wants to be a nurse. He'll be great at it too. We've set some good companionship goals and I know we can be successful.
Over this past week I have come to really know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. The restoration of all things was absolutely necessary and the authority to act in God's name and perform saving ordinances is again on the earth. Joseph Smith did in reality see God the Father and Jesus Christ. He restored the same church that Christ instituted while he was on the earth. I have started to understand the importance of following the spirit. It really does work. Haha I also have begun to learn the need for humility. I got too proud after my first teaching with Maria and the next time the Spirit wasn't there. I feel like learning humility is going to be a long, painful process because I'm a pretty awesome person.
I'm running short on time and the computer will kick me off soon, but just know I love you and miss you. I should write today. You can use dear elder while I'm here at the MTC. It's free. And you can send me cookies with dear elder!!! Make sure Grandpa get this email. And Jake Thompson. Got to go! Tchau!
Elder Spencer Hoodson

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  1. Loved reading this! Way to go Spencer. You are amazing (that will help with the humility too:)!